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Less BS, more HS

Or cut the nonsense, food is medicine, you are what you eat and reap the benefits from what sow’s inside you. We provide clean, made from scratch sauces, dressings and salsas that tastes great with no MSG, preservatives, additives, artificial flavoring or coloring. Our focus is implementing quality and value by sticking to our principles, local products when opportunities are beneficial, fresh ingredients, maintaining price balance for customers and compensating our employees appropriately. Not all days are start days but everyday we have a choice to change for the better especially when it comes to food tasting this good. We strive daily for consistent improvement, we will always be transparent, try our best, and never let perfection be the enemy of the good.

Cheers to clean eating.

Made from Scratch

Houston is a city known for its food and diversity. We wanted to become a part of what makes this city so special but do it in a way that we could be proud of. HS Green is committed to bringing freshness into the Houston food scene by using only the highest quality ingredients in our made from scratch dishes.

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