Cold Pressed Juices at HS Green

December 1, 2020

Performance Boost Cold Pressed Juice served on ice.


Cold Pressed Juices at HS Green. Did you know, 90% of the nutrients our bodies need daily, can be found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables?


Although juicing is a natural and delicious way to feed our bodies with the vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, not all ways of juicing are equal. At HS Green, we prefer cold pressed juicing verses HPP (high pressure processed) juicing. When raw fruits and vegetables are processed with even the smallest bit of heat, key vitamins like A, E, K, C, and B are all compromised by lessening the nutritional values. Cold pressed juicing keep the highest amounts of nutrients in tact. Due to no pasteurization of the raw ingredients and no added preservatives, our cold pressed juices only have a shelf life of a few days where as other juices may last a few weeks.

Incorporate juice into your life, and pack more healthy choices into your days. The benefits of juicing are endless! From a boosted immune system (try our Performance Boost) to rejuvenated skin, (or our Healthy Skin) each juice combination has a key focus. Juices are $8.30 or 3 for $23 or 6 for $45.

Cold pressed juices menu:


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